Returning you test kit

Last reviewed Jun 2024

1: Prepare Your Test Kit for Return

  • Follow the instructions for the relevant samples (bloodurinerectalthroat or vaginal)
  • Place the form and your samples back into the kit box and return the box following the instructions in step three. Please note, your samples cannot be tested without the completed form.

2. Returning your samples

  • Your samples should be returned on the day they were collected. If this is not possible, store them in a refrigerator until returned.
  • Check that each sample has been closed tightly and is in a sealed transport bag.
  • Place your samples and your completed form back into the kit box. Close it securely by inserting the two large tabs on the box lid into the slots, pressing down firmly to lock them into place. Apply the clear security seal provided or add tape for extra security.
  • The return postage has been pre-paid, just drop the kit box into a USPS mail box. 

3. Finding the best location to send it

  • To find the a good location to send your kit to us use USPS Locations
  • Enter you location and search for a good location
  • Its really important to get your kit to us as quickly as possible so try to find a location that you can get the kit to before the last collection "Last Collection Hours Today"

4. What next

  • Once in the postal system your kit will take a few days to reach us, we will let you know when we have recieved it. 
  • If you think your kit has been lost please contact us [email protected] for support at .